You won't want to miss a note!

May 23, 2019

Dear BCO family:

After the conclusion of our 2018-2019 season, the BCO Board of Directors decided that due to an unsustainable financial situation and for other administrative reasons, we would dissolve the BCO as soon as reasonably possible. We approved that decision by unanimous vote. This was heartbreaking for us, but while we've made considerable recent efforts to turn the ship around, we haven't hit on the combination of community support and engagement that we need to keep the orchestra solvent and thriving.

We know, as you must, that this doesn't reflect the efforts on the part of our musicians and many others to make great music! There have been so many memorable performances over the years, in a complex yet overwhelmingly positive and supportive environment, that I feel the most important thing I must do in a letter like this is to thank you for the time, heart, and talent you've put into the BCO.

Despite these developments, I hope and expect that we will see you around, as you will see our musicians continue to play and teach great music as Vermonters for Vermonters under other auspices.

With much gratitude, and on behalf of the BCO board and players,

- Matt

Matt Kolon
President, Burlington Chamber Orchestra Board of Directors