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Mitchell Goff

Mitchell Goff, piano

2011 Young Artist Solo Competition Winner

Mitchell Goff began his musical career quite by accident at age 5 when his parents observed his ability to play piano keys behind his back and guess the notes with amazing accuracy. This gift of perfect pitch has led Mitchell to pursue both violin and piano instruction with equal passion and interest. He has been the beneficiary of wonderful, nurturing instruction from Ms. Marilyn Taggart of Gaysville, Vt, on piano, Kathy Post and Pam Reit of Vermont Suzuki Violins, and Ira Morris of Hinesburg, VT, on advanced violin study.

The oldest of four musical brothers, Mitchell has performed for small and large audiences over the past six years. Most recently he has organized an outreach program to perform mini concerts alongside his brothers, primarily at nursing homes and assisted living communities.

Mitchell has been homeschooled throughout his youth and is currently a sophomore. He spends his free time teaching himself computer programming, designing websites, skiing, reading, and spending time with his family.