BCO in the Community


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In December 2011 the BCO began an education outreach program called Music for Minors. Many of our orchestra members teach music in local schools, regional youth ensembles (such as the Vermont Youth Orchestra and Vermont Suzuki Violins), and private studios. The BCO is an orchestra full of educators who value the art of teaching classical music to young minds. Music for Minors is our collaboration with local schools to make live classical music accessible, educational, and fun.

As part of the program we have BCO musicians visit a local school to perform, instruct and chat with students. We then offer free tickets to our upcoming concert so that these students can continue their education outside the classroom. By encouraging these students to attend a professional classical concert we hope to solidify classroom learning with a real-life experience. We’ve found that many of the young people involved –and their parents - had never been to an orchestra concert before.

The Music for Minors program was originated to welcome and lower barriers for students who are not intimately familiar with classical music. It is our hope to be able to strengthen not only an individual's relationship to the arts, but also to foster strong personal relationships within our community.

In 2015 the Burlington Chamber Orchestra received a special $10,000 National Endowment for the Arts grant in support of our Music for Minors program. You can learn more about that experience here.